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Once a report has completed, the Report Output page is presented. If you navigated away from the report execution message, you may access the Report Output page from the History List. This page presents the output as defined in the template and allows you to work with the data contained in the output dataset.

The Report Output page includes a series or menus, toolbars and processing panels that allow you to work with the output. These elements are displayed in the sample view of the output page:

001.png Menus and toolbars that provide access to the options to work with the data

002.png Report Editor that provides access to a list of report objects, all data objects, notes and related reports

005.png Page By panel to define attributes and select the values to create page views of the data

006.png Output Grid that displays the current view of the output

Note: If the report being viewed was prompted, there is a Prompts panel that displays the prompt selections used to generate the report output. An example of this panel is not included in the example below.

The grid view allows you to work with data in a row and column format and provides options to drill, sort, filter, perform calculations on selected metrics and toggle between grid and graph display. Additionally, once you have customized the view of the output, you may print or export the data.