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The Report Editor panel allows you to view and work with the data elements in the report and available in the application. This panel has the following views:

·        Report Objects - this view presents all the attributes and metrics included in the output dataset being viewed.

·        Related Reports - this view displays all related reports that have at least one data element in common with the displayed report.

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The Report Objects view presents all attributes and metrics included in the output dataset of the report being displayed. Attributes and metrics that are currently included in the grid or graph are displayed with a grey font and those not included in the current view are displayed with black font.

You may move attributes and metrics off the current view of the output; these data elements are still included in the output dataset but are not included in the current grid or graph view. This simply hides the data elements from the grid or graph view, the output dataset is not regenerated. You may also remove data elements from the report all together. When you remove data elements from the report, it is re-executed and a new output dataset is generated excluding those data elements.

When you click the Report Objects navigator option 001.png the Report Objects panel is displayed in the Report Editor.

Attributes 002.png are noted with a cube icon and will provide an expandable drop down to select the attribute "form" to be displayed in the output. Attribute forms represent the different type of values associated with an attribute (e.g., for CBSA, the ID form is the numeric value of the CBSA and the DESC form is the description of the CBSA).

Application metrics 003.png are noted with a ruler. These metrics are defined as part of the overall application attributes and metrics available for reporting.

Derived metrics 004.png are noted with a function icon. These type of metrics represent calculations you have manually added to the report using application metrics currently included in the output dataset.






Related Reports View      

This view allows you to see all reports that are included in the folder where your current report is saved. If you are viewing the Report Editor from the Report Output page, the folder where the original report definition is stored is used for the list of reports. You can run any of the reports included in this list directly from the Report Editor.

When you click the Related Reports navigator option 001.png the Related Reports panel is displayed in the Report Editor.

All reports that are contained in the folder where the current report is saved will be presented 002.png.

The current report is displayed with color text and the additional reports are presented as hyperlinks. These hyperlinks allow you to run the report directly from the Report Editor.