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When viewing output, you may choose to customize your sort options. By default, attributes sort in ascending order by numeric then alpha order and in priority from left to right by row. You may customize the sort order using a single attribute or metric from the popup menu presented when you right-click a column header or by enabling the sort buttons from the View menu.

Right-Click popup menu

Advanced Sort dialog

The right-click popup menu provides the option to sort the report by the selected attribute or metric. You may sort the data in ascending or descending order.

The Advanced Sort dialog presented from the Data menu allows you to sort the output based on multiple attribute or metric instructions.

You may select up to three attributes or metrics for each rows and columns for sorting and specify if each sort is ascending or descending. Attributes and metrics used for sorting will move to the appropriate sort tab (i.e., rows or columns) if the data element is moved from/to rows and columns.