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Shared Reports provides access to all predefined reports for each module in TrueStandings HomeEquity. This page includes a set of options 001.png to create a subfolder Icon_CreateSubFolder.png, enable the tree view Icon_TreeView.png, toggle the page between list view Icon_ListView.png and icon view Icon_IconView.png, and refresh the view of the page Icon_RefreshPage.png.

The Shared Reports folder options are divided into the following subfolders 002.png, you will only see the subfolders for the modules included in your subscription:

·        Advanced Analytics - depending on your subscription, provides access to Delinquency Roll Rate reports, HPI Integration reports, Market Analysis reports and TrueLTV Integration reports

·        Bulk Export - provides access to bulk export reports that are delivered via the FTP site

·        Delinquency Analysis Reports - provides access to delinquency metric reports

·        General Characteristics Reports - provides access to standard metric reports

·        Prepayment Analysis Reports - provides access to prepayment metric reports

·        Company Shared Reports - custom reports available to all accounts within your user workgroup

The Company Shared folder will be named specific to your company and will only be visible to those user accounts linked to your user workgroup. No other users can view or access the report objects in that folder.