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The Report Options Setup dialog allows you to specify display settings for the output you are currently viewing. The setup options are categorized as follows:

Note:    These settings are only applied to the current view of the report and are only retained if you save the report. Once the report is saved, these settings are applied any time you run this saved report.

·        General - contains the settings for row and column headers, view and drilling options.

·        Format - contains the settings file formats available from the export options and the format used to view output.

·        Advanced - contains the advanced options for mobile devices (these options are not implemented in TrueStandings HomeEquity)

General Option Settings      Back to Previous

These options control the behavior of the row and column headers, the display of the grid when viewing the Report Output page and the drill capabilities.



Headers for rows and columns may be locked when scrolling and merged when there are redundant headings within the same attribute (e.g., if there are 10 consecutive rows with the same value, the text is only shown on the first row).





These options allow you to enable/disable view settings for outline, banding (alternating colors on rows), display attribute form names in the headers, displaying visual thresholds (when defined) and the extra column for "Metrics".



This option allow you to disable drilling, limit drilling to downward path within a predefined hierarchy or enable drilling anywhere (i.e., up or down within a hierarchy and across attributes using the advanced drill option).



Full Screen Mode

You may specify a global setting to open the Report Output page in full screen mode for all reports.


Format Option Settings      Back to Previous

These options control the export options available from the Home menu and the default method of viewing output (this option is not currently implemented).


Export Formats

This option allows you to limit the type of file formats available when selecting the Export option.




Run by Default As

This option allows you to specify how you wish to view the output once the report is executed

Note:  This feature is not currently implemented.