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This set of preferences allows you to define the options enabled when running a report with prompts. These preferences are as follows:

Note:    The following list includes all possible options, however, not all options may be enabled/visible in the application you are using.

Note:    Once you have defined your preferences, you must click the Apply button to save your changes and apply these to the application.



View Prompts on one page

This option allows you to specify how prompts are to be presented when running a report with prompts. There are two options as follows:

All on one page - this option will display all prompts on one page in a continuous list.

Each on a separate page - this option will display each prompt on its own prompt page.

Note: Regardless of the option selected for display, the prompt page for the report will include a navigation panel on the left side of the report prompt page with a list of the prompts (with additional information indicating if a prompt answer is required and if the prompt has been answered) that allows you to navigate to each prompt.