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This set of preferences allows you to define how the output is presented in graph view of the Report Output page. These preferences are as follows:

Note:    The following list includes all possible options, however, not all options may be enabled/visible in the application you are using.

Note:    Once you have defined your preferences, you must click the Apply button to save your changes and apply these to the application.



Graph Size

This option allows you to specify the size of the graph when first displayed. You can select the option to use the settings stored in the report definition or specify a custom size. When you select the option to specify a custom size, you must enter the width and height. This entry is a numeric value and refers to the pixel size.

Show Graph reports by default in "Grid and Graph View'

This option allows you to specify how graph reports are presented. When checked, the graph reports are displayed in Grid and Graph view (i.e., displays a graph followed by a grid view of the output data). If not checked, the Graph only view is presented. Regardless of the default selection, you may still toggle the view between Grid, Graph, or Grid and Graph view from the Report Output page.