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This set of preferences allows you to define and edit emails to be used for notification on bulk export processing:

Note:    You may define as many email addresses as needed for your user account, but you may have only one address noted as the default. If you delete the default email address, the first email address in the list will be flagged as the default. You may change the default email address as needed.

Note:    Once you have defined your preferences, you must click the Apply button to save your changes and apply these to the application.



New Email Address

This option allows you to define a new email address for your user account. These will appear on the Bulk Export to FTP processing page as well as prompt pages that allow you to send a notification of completion. There are four elements to an email address setup as follows:

Default - a flag to specify this is the default email for selection on prompt pages that allow an email selection. Only one email address may be default as your default and you MUST have a default specified. If you delete the email flagged as the default, the first email in the list is flagged as the default.

Name - the text name associated with the email address. This is a free format text entry and is used in the selection list for prompt pages that allow an email selection.

Physical Address - this represents the actual email address. In order to be valid, the entry in this field must be formatted with the "@" followed by at least one character then a "dot" followed by at least 2 characters (e.g., xxxxx@xxx.xx).

Edit/Delete hyperlinks - these allow you to either open the existing email address entry for editing or to delete the entry from your list.

Email Address

Each email address is listed in the Email Preferences view. Existing emails may be edited or deleted as needed. When editing, any element of the email address may be modified.