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While viewing the output, you may drill up to a higher level of aggregation or down to a lower level of detail. When you drill, you may use the predefined hierarchy drill path (e.g., from Deal to Pool to Loan Level) or across attributes not related in a hierarchy (e.g., drill from Data Type to Original LTV). When drilling across unrelated attributes, you retain the level of detail.

In addition to the hierarchy and cross attribute drilling, there is an option to drill down to the loan level when viewing an aggregate report. When drilling to loan level, there is a predefined Loan-Level Report option or you can simply drill to a loan ID attribute. When drilling to the predefined report, the report includes specific metrics for loan-level reporting. Once presented, you can customize the report to include those loan-level attributes and metrics you wish to use for analysis.

You may initiate the drill from a popup menu using a right-click on an attribute column header; you may also open the Drill panel to specify the drill path you wish to apply. The following is an example of the right-click menu and Advanced Drill dialog when drilling on the CBSA attribute form a loan level report.

Right-Click popup menu

Advanced Drill Path dialog

The right-click popup menu provides a list of attributes that are part of the hierarchy for the attribute you have selected (e.g., geographic attributes for State, CBSA, County and Zip are defined within a hierarchy). The arrows to the left of the hierarchy drill attribute indicate if the drill is up to a higher level or down to a lower level of detail.

The More Options… selection will present the Advanced Drill Path dialog to specify cross attribute drilling.


The Advanced Drill panel is presented when you select More Options… from the right-click drill menu or the Drill option from the Data menu. This panel allows you to drill across attributes.

The From attribute represents the attribute you selected for drilling. You select the To (attribute) option and the list of attributes is populated in the selection box below the drop down (e.g., when you select the Geography hiearchy, the list includes geographic attributes).

When you drill, you may select the option to Keep Parent while drilling. This will retain the current attribute and add the second level attribute of drilling within the current attribute on the view of the output.